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In the State of Andhra Pradesh, there are 23 districts. Each district has around 1200 to 1500 villages. For our ministry purposes, the district are divided into 5 Sectors. This means each sector contains at least 250 to 300 villages, or more. Again, each Sector is divided into mini-sectors, which contain 30 to 50, villages each. In this mini-sector, one Village is chosen as the Missionary Center. Two missionary couples are sent to live in this center along with their families. The two Missionaries will first evangelize this center, then work in all the nearby villages until the entire area is evangelized.


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Our Missionaries are dedicated, committed, faithful, and enthusiastic full time Gospel workers. Their work is to preach the Gospel, win Souls and plant churches. Every day they leave their center early in the morning to visit one of the villages, and from morning to till evening they will go from house to house sharing the Gospel. They can visit at least fifteen families per day. In the evening, they will conduct an open-air meeting. They can saturate a total village and be able to conduct open-air meetings in different locations of the village in one week. Using this method,our missionaries will definitely win some souls in each village. A small congregation will be formed and a pastor trained to oversee the flock. Soon, they will be training their own missionaries who will be sent out to tell those who have never heard, about the love of Jesus Christ. Because we believe that these are the last days, and the fields are "white unto harvest," we must be about our Father's business. People are seeking for the Truth every where, and we believe that God will give definite results.

After they complete their work in all the villages surrounding their center, our Missionaries will choose another center and relocate their family to that place. They will repeat the same cycle of evangelism from that new center. Eventually they will have covered all of the villages in that particular Sector to which they were assigned. Within a month, they could cover at least three or four villages with the message of the Gospel.

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Follow-up - Pictures on this page have been blocked to protect our missionaries. Counseling with New Converts

Follow-up is an integral part of our ministry. We carry on a systematic and in-depth follow up that helps every new Convert to enrich their faith in the Lord as they are nurtured in the Word of God.


Seekers conference are conducted for those who express their desire to know more about Jesus Christ, and offers further guidance in trusting and worshipping Him. We go to their respective villages and organize these conferences.

Village Church - Pictures on this page have been blocked to protect our missionaries. Small Village Church
with New Converts


We form a Christ Group (a small house church) with the people who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Generally, we start a Christ Group where there is no church yet established.


Training is an important part of our ministry. A specially prepared short-term training session, called "How to become an effective Soul winner," is being given to the Missionaries before they plunge into action, sharing the Gospel person to person.


We are planning to build some small church buildings in these areas. Each church will serve at least eight Tribal villages. Presently we have started construction in two villages. One is in Vizayanagaram District, and another one is in Khammam District.

Each church built with a tile roof cost about $1000.00 U.S. Dollars. Believers of the village will provide the required land for the church building. There is a great need for these churches in all of the Tribal Areas. These churches will be very helpful to the new believers who come and worship together. Please pray as we establish and build churches throughout these remote tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.


Prayer is the lifeline for every Ministry and for every Christian. In "School of Prayer" people receive guidelines for effective prayer, and began to realize how important it is in their personal lives too. In the course of time, they shall become effective prayer warriors who pray for the Ministry.

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