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Help An Orphan Home
N. Franklin, Director
South India

Monthly Tuition

The expense for each child is approximately $30.00 per month. This includes three meals a day, warm dry and secure sleeping quarters and a quality education.

Each academic year $30.00 in addition to the regular tuition is needed per child for two school uniforms, a trunk box, plate, glass, mats, blankets, mugs and clothes washing baskets. Another $15.00 is needed to buy school textbooks, note books, pens, pencils and stationary. This makes a total one-time expenditure of $45.00 per student each academic years.

Adding the $30.00 and $15.00 annual fees above equals $45.00. Divided this amount by 12 months equals $3.75 per month. Adding this to the regular monthly fee of $30.00 would make a total of $33.75 per month. If we round that up to an even $35.00 per month, this would leave a little extra for miscellaneous items. Please see How Can We Help page for more detail about how you can get involved in this much needed ministry.

First Class Our Help An Orphan Home two months after its founding in 1997.

Your support can enable our Help An Orphan Home provide an education for the children of our missionaries. All American missionary organizations provide education for the children of their American missionaries on the field. We believe it is one of our responsibilities to help educate the children of our national missionaries that make great sacrifices in moving their families to remote areas in their own countries.



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