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N. Franklin, Director
South India

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Home Parents

Franklin's FamilyThe N. Franklin Family:
Franklin Ephraim, Shulamite, Vijaya Kumari and new baby girl born June 2001
South India

The entire Home responsibility is laid upon the Home Father and Mother, Franklin and Vijaya Kumari Nandigam. They act as Father and Mother for the Home, as well as its director. They have the responsibility of admitting the children into their respective classes, the children's development in the secular and spiritual education, overseeing and managing all the staff, and look after the children's health, etc. Vijaya Kumari is responsible for the menu and food preparation, and supervises the kitchen staff. She also acts as substitute teacher when one of the regular teachers is absent. As Director, Franklin is responsible for the entire operation of the Home, as well as shopping to provide all the supplies for the entire orphanage. Franklin and Vijaya Kumari maintain the Home at such a level that the children

forget their poverty, emptiness and grief. "We make them feel as if they were living in their own home. The pain of their past is erased by the love of Jesus Christ. We lead them into a personal relationship with God, and they become the sons and daughters of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The head cook and Assistant cook will look after the entire cooking, vessel cleaning, room cleaning etc. They live at the Home.

Children's Helper
Ayah will look after the children. She will help the children with their bathing, combing their hair, and other personal matters. She is with the children at all times when they are not in their classes. In addition Ayah keeps the home clean and orderly. She also lives at the Home with the children.

The watchman in the Home is responsible for the Home's security. Day and night, he will be there to help the Home Father and to guard the Home.


Third Class with their teacher The Third Class with their teacher

The teaching staff live in their own homes, but report to the Home to teach the children during class hours. They teach Language (English and Telugu), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and others.





Tuition Teachers
The tuition teacher helps the children by giving them special tutoring in the secular subjects. She makes sure the children do their homework, and helps the children that do not yet understand their subjects properly. The tuition teacher lives at her own home, and will come to the school according to her work schedule.

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