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Winnowing Grain Christian Exchange ministers
in rural India where the people
are poor and living on the edge.


Andhra Pradesh is India's fifth largest state in southeast India covering an area of 275,000 Sq. Kilometers with a population of a little over 66,355,000 who live in 31,500 villages.

Our Lord has laid this vision and burden on us to saturate at least 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh where the Tribal Areas are located, and no Christian witness.

We have already deployed our Missionaries in three different districts of our state and they are having wonderful results as the Lord blesses the ministry with a great harvest of Souls.

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Lady with potsDaily task leave little time for leasure.

The Koya, Soura, Chenchu and many other tribal groups live on the mountains and in the middle of the forest. They do not live close to any other people. They live 20 to 30 families in small huts separated from each family by a short distance. Because they do not intermingle with other villages, their culture is uncivilized. Their children do not have education, medicine, or proper food and dress. Their primary living is hunting and theft. They use country liquor from little children to the old people. They use arrows to kill animals for food, and sometimes strangers who approach them, thinking that they are enemies. Most of them are suffering from many kinds of illness, and medicines are not available to them. The only way we can reach them is on foot or by bicycle. God has given a blessed opportunity to share the Love of Jesus Christ with these ignorant and hard cultured people. We love to go to such needy and perishing ones who don't have the opportunity to know the Love of Jesus Christ.

Tribal Man

The lack of proper diet
and the lack of sanitary
conditions shortens the tribal
man's life expectancy.

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