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Christian Exchange International was formed in 1992, after I returned from a two-month visit to India. It was during that particular trip that God began to plant in my heart an idea for a ministry to the pastors and missionaries of Andhra Pradesh. From the time I was a small child, I have excitedly awaited the annual missionary conference at my church. Those strange artifacts from far away place, and the dramatic stories of how God was at work in the lives of people, visible only in my imagination (and sometimes in poorly done slide shows -- God bless them), captivated me to a life long love of the mysterious and wonderful world of the missionary. Stories of how God could change the lives of primitive people who had never before heard the Gospel filled me with awe and a desire to help.

I grew up, married, and established my own home, I made sure that we were chosen to host missionaries in our home. I wanted my children to share my love of missions. We supported as many missionaries as our young budget would allow.

One of my early interests was photography, and when the first invitation came to travel to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia to produce a mission film about the work in these countries, it was like a dream come true. In the following years, I traveled to over fifty countries on six continents to produce mission presentations, and to assist missionaries and national Christian pastors.

I have been greatly blessed with the privilege of traveling to so many places, and sharing with so many of God's choice servants around the world. It occurred to me during my 1992 trip that the folks back home were not even aware of these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. They did not know what God was doing among them, nor did they understand their needs. It had been over 40 years since American Missionaries serving in India had returned home on furlough to share with the church what God was doing in the lives of the Indian people.

From this experience arose the concept of Christian Exchange. If we could create a program of ministry exchange between America and the under-developed countries that do not allow long term foreign mission involvement, we not only would gain an intimate and first hand understanding of the work of God around the world, but we would have the blessing of joining that work as a supporting ministry.

The Apostle Paul wrote often of how very much he appreciated those who were helpful to him in the Ministry. His praise of Onesiphorus in II Timothy 1:16-18, has always been an inspiration to me. Although I have never felt that God wanted me to be a preacher or evangelist, I do feel that I am called to be a servant to those who have been called to preach and teach. The message in these verses has provided the underlying force that led me to serve God in whatever way he might choose for me, and is the basis upon which Christian Exchange International was formed and established.

In His Service,
Daniel L. Martin, Director

Christian Exchange

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