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Our Calling
Over the past 50 years there have been many far reaching changes in world missions. In some areas, doors (and curtains) of countries have been opened wide to evangelism and other mission activities. We have witnessed the emergence of opportunities to minister in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the dissolution of the communist's control over other countries. In others, such as India and some Southeast Asian and African countries, missionaries have been expelled or their access to traditional mission fields greatly restricted. Many countries, however, that no longer allow permanent or long term mission activity permit short term (6 months or so) visits by ministers, evangelist or other Christian workers who come to visit or work with national Christians. In these countries, and others that are even more restrictive, God has raised up a multitude of nationals who have a great burden to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their own people. Many of these local missionaries are also restricted in their ministries, but their greatest obstacle is poverty. Their people are so desperately poor that their ministries cannot be self-supporting. Often it is necessary for pastors to work full or part-time jobs to support their families and their ministries. Very few of these dear hard working brothers and sisters in Christ are receiving any help, and I am convinced that this is simply because we do not know about them or about their ministries. Christian Exchange was formed by a fellowship of Christian Believers who have a burden to help these third-world believers reach their people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has given us a vision of service that includes:

  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ especially in those areas not being effectively addressed by other Christian ministries

  • Christian Exchange programs that will take small ministry teams to other countries and sponsor national ministry teams to travel to the U.S. These teams will evangelize the lost and encourage the Church while fostering mutual understanding and creating a desire to assist each other in ministry

  • Sponsorship of national missionaries, pastors, evangelist and other Christian workers

  • Training programs for national missionaries, pastors, evangelist and other Christian workers

  • Sponsorship of orphans and widows

  • Participation in programs to assist the elderly

  • Medical programs to minister to the physical and emotional needs of people in third-world countries

We welcome your help in accomplishing these goals.

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